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My Self-Guided Writing Retreat at Arvon's Clockhouse

As an illustrator with a deep-seated fascination for folklore, I've spent years translating stories into vivid visuals. But, the desire to become a storyteller in my own right, fueled by my extensive research into folklore, led me to Arvon's Clockhouse retreat. Little did I know that this week would not only mark a transition from illustrator to writer but also enrich my understanding of the enchanting world of myths and legends.

The moment I stepped onto the Clockhouse estate, I felt the weight of centuries of stories in the air. The historic building exuded a timeless charm, and the promise of a week ahead, dedicated to my newfound writing endeavour, filled me with excitement and a touch of trepidation. The uninterrupted solitude allowed me to delve deeper into the core of my subject matter, forging a profound connection with the tales I aimed to tell.

Clockhouse's idyllic surroundings became a wellspring of inspiration. Daily walks amidst the serene woods strengthened my connection to the natural world that often forms the backdrop of folklore tales. One of the most transformative aspects of this retreat was the opportunity to merge my illustrations with my writing. With no mentors to guide me, I had the freedom to experiment.

As the days passed, I realized that folklore is not just a collection of stories; it's a reflection of the human experience, a repository of wisdom passed down through generations. My writing skills allowed me to clarify this essence into narratives that captured the very soul of these tales.

One of the unexpected highlights of the retreat was the chance to connect with fellow writers who had also chosen Clockhouse for their creative journeys. The conversations and shared experiences added depth to my understanding of folklore and writing as a profession. These new insights were invaluable.

Departing Clockhouse, I returned to my illustration work with a newfound appreciation for the power of storytelling. My transition from illustrator to writer was not only a personal triumph but also a transformation of my creative process. The retreat showed me that folklore is a living, breathing tradition, and my collected research became the foundation upon which I built my own contributions to this timeless legacy.

If you're an artist, illustrator, or anyone with a penchant for folklore and a desire to become a writer, I wholeheartedly recommend a retreat like Arvon's Clockhouse. It's a place where the boundaries between art forms blur, where research and storytelling converge, and where you'll meet fellow writers who share your passion. My week at Clockhouse was a reminder that, in the world of folklore, every researcher, writer, and illustrator adds a unique layer to the enduring tapestry of our shared heritage.

My week at Arvon was funded by Arts Council England.

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This sounds like such a wonderful experience. I really enjoy your work and am looking forward to reading your writing too! - RB



"every researcher, writer, and illustrator adds a unique layer to the enduring tapestry of our shared heritage", love this!! Eye-opening and truly fascinating! Im excited to see where this journey takes you and can't wait to read you're writting!!


Yiyi Huang
Yiyi Huang

It seemed that it was a very good experience for you to explore your thoughts in such an amazing place. Your artwork always is very poetic to me, so I wait to read your writing.

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