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Indian-born Illustrator, Trupti Lyndon resides in Walton on Thames. Her body of work is evolving into contemporary Indian art that is inspired by nature, symbolism, and folk art. Trupti explores ideas and cultures from around the world and links them to her artistic visual language. She uses a combination of watercolour, acrylic gouache, charcoal, and digital mediums.

Trupti implements the subdued colours famously portrayed in traditional miniature Indian paintings. Nature and narrative play an essential role while the essence of her illustrations is on the subject matter. Each project consists of multiple works around specific themes and stories. During the process of research, new areas of interest arise that lead to the next body of work.


She studied Animation at Middlesex University, London. And later worked as a graphic designer for an intensive period of time. In 2021, Trupti graduated from UCA, Farnham

with an MA in Illustration.

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