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An Elegy for a Bloom

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April 2024


Walton On Thames, Surrey

'An Elegy for a Bloom' showcases my experience with Lupus Sle, a chronic autoimmune disease. The disease has been an ever-present factor in my life, and it demands careful consideration in all aspects of my daily routine. Lupus occurs when the immune system, which ordinarily defends the body against infections and illnesses, attacks its organs and tissues. Unfortunately, it is an incurable disease, and its unpredictable nature poses significant challenges to those who live with it.

The goal of this project is to create a metaphorical narrative that raises awareness about Lupus. The diagnostic process can be lengthy, and many individuals suffer silently due to the nature of the disease, which often leaves them in a state of confusion and uncertainty. This project aims to provide a comprehensive account of my experience with Lupus Sle, with the intent of inspiring others to seek medical attention and better understand the condition.

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