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Funding Creativity: Illustration, Grants, and Crafting a Book

Last month, I was awarded the 'Developing your creative practice' grant from The Arts Council England! This will be taking place for 1 year! It will support the development of my illustration practice to expand to writing and publishing to become a writer and illustrator of my own books.

This opportunity comes at a crucial time when it is essential that I develop increased agency and sustainability in my practice following extended periods of illness. This agency and sustainability will ensure that my work remains accessible and possible for me. It will enable me to integrate my interest in developing writing and storytelling skills in order to create illustrated books and will put my Indian background at the heart of my practice, creating high-quality, unique, relevant work.

By the end of this activity, I will come away with new and transformational artistic skills and experience as a writer/illustrator. I will grow new practical networks that will enable me to put those new skills into practice so that eventually my newly developed work will meet new audiences and readers. This will be a significant step-change in my practice and ensure long-term sustainability.

If you are a creative professional and would like to level up your career with the Arts Council England, I recommend these resources:

Greg Wohead: Greg is an articulate and brilliant access support worker, he worked with me to write my DYCP application.

Cai Burton: Cai is a creative coach who advised and encouraged me to generate winning ideas with the enthusiasm I needed!

The White Pube: Access to successful DYCP applications.

The Uncultured: Template for the DYCP application.

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